Our Mission

When I was about 23, I found myself, for the first time, in a safe space of unconditional love where I could unpack my boxes and start to find me. During this process, I also found a fascination with butterflies. 
As caterpillars, they crawl through the world living a seemingly normal existence even though they are limited. It is not until they are in the safety of the chrysalis that they are able to become their true, unlimited, free selves. I realized that I was living a seemingly normal life, but I was limited. I was limited not only by the boxes that I created to store my baggage, but by the boxes of expectations and supposed to's that were given to me by family, friends, and society based on my gender, my ethnicity and their own comfort. Only in a safe space of love, did I find that I didn't have to. I no longer had to live with any of these boxes.  I found my wings and my freedom. Once you are free in yourself, you want everyone to be free. 
Living Without Boxes came from my need to share freedom from the boxes of expectations of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and the comfort of others. I believe the only way this is possible is to create safe space, filled with unconditional love that allows others to grow and find themselves without the limitation of the boxes. 
Just as butterflies, we never forget the caterpillars we once were; as that experience has built us. But, we are no longer stuck to the ground; the past and limiting expectations. We are free to fly. 


Within the current state of political and racial division, there is an increased need to fight for queer and trans basic public rights. The voices of communities of color have been left off of the agenda, but have been ever present targets. By creating intentional healing conversations and safe spaces, we will work to equip people with much needed skills such as self-care, personal advocacy and empowerment, while providing a voice in the fight for racial equity. While there are many other organizations that do the work for queer and trans people, they do not, however, bring focus to the added barriers of those marginalized by many intersections of oppression.

Our main goal is to assist in creating safe space, community educational opportunities, and logistical support for events where the often missing voices of transgender and gender nonconforming black, brown and indigenous people of color and partners are not only the focal point, but the driving force and celebrated contribution.